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Lasfiberio Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to LASFIERIO for short) ensures that the products listed in the following have gone through fully strict quality control from the purchase of raw materials to the whole manufacturing process. According to the following all sorts of situations and constraints, for the defective products being proved to be caused by poor raw materials or deficient manufacturing operation, LASFIBERIO will provide free repairs or replacement services. Maintenance services and replacement products will be achieved in an exchange manner.

The above warranty does not apply if the product damage is caused by incorrect installation, unexpected disaster, natural calamity, abuse, misuse, improper operation, undesirable environmental condition or any unauthorized disassembly, repairs or modification. This warranty is also not applicable if the product label is modified, scrawled or removed, the package is damaged or imperfect, or the product is second-hand and so on.

The warranty guarantees that consumers can get maintenance or replacement services only when they buy defective or damaged products from LASFIBERIO. For the data corruption and maintenance needs being caused by using other damaged devices in the system, and which make LASFIBERIO ¡®s product cannot work, LASFIBERIO will have no obligation to compensate and not take any responsibility.

Warranty Period
Duration of Fiber Optic Product Warranty: 2 year
All LASFIBERIO Fiber Optic Products have a 24 months warranty since the date of shipment.
This limited warranty only extends to the original purchasers of LASFIBERIO¡¯s products, can¡¯t be transferred to others.

If your product fails during the warranty period, please contact with our sales representative about the problem without delay. Meanwhile, please submit the inspection report with picture about the problem description. We will do our best to solve the problem and find the solution or replace the products for you.

Anyway, we're always be open to communicate with you at any quality and outof spec issues, and we believe we can make you satisfied.