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Facility Moving Notice of Lasfiberio Co.Ltd

update time£º2018-07-17 09:51:38

Dear customers,

Thanks for your kindness and support to Lasfiberio Co.Ltd. With the vigorous development of China's economy, our business has achieved >30% growth in the past three years. The original site have become increasingly difficult to support the expansion of new businesses and the growth of old businesses. So in April 13, 2018, we moved from #60 Xi¡¯bu Ave., high-tech and development zone,Xi¡¯an,Shann¡¯xi to #6, ShuoShi road, high-tech and development zone, Xi¡¯an, Shann¡¯xi.

The new site is much more beautiful and a lot bigger. Compared with the old site, the working area has expanded more than three times; it is more scientific and rational on the layout, and the facilities are all convenient. We look forward to have rapid expansion capacity to meet customers¡¯ expectation as well as more space for research and development, which will do better job on quick launch of the prototype products for various customization requirements to seize business opportunities.

During the relocation period, due to the necessary re-arrangment and ramping up on equipment, materials and other issues, the delivery might be affected. Please accept our sincere apology, everything will be back to normal after May. 15 and we will expand the production capacity according to the plan.

On this occasion, thank you again for your support and kindness from our friends, customers and peers. I hope we can work together to create a bright future!

The company's new office address and contact methods are:

Address: #6, ShuoShi road, high-tech industrial and development zone, Xi¡¯an, Shaanxi, P.R.China

Tel: +8629-8112 7260,+86-136 8160 2600

Postal code: 710119