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50um core size output laser combiner available now! Proudly presented by Lasfiberio. Co. Ltd.

update time£º2018-07-17 10:04:58

Nowadays, the single module output fiber (including single pump /double pump) is basically 20/400DCF on the market. The upper limit power of this kind of fiber is about 3KW (2.5KW will be more decent value ), and the end users expect more on the high energy application. Given that the single cavity single fiber can deliver 5KW output, from the perspective of stability, safety, it must be multi laser source combination to reduce the system risk and save the cost, so the one fiber output laser combiner becomes a problem that must be solved.

Foreign commercia laser combiner (LC) is either relatively small on the input core/cladding, unable to handle kw or higher power, or not enough input ends to meet the requirements. Lasfiberio Co.Ltd has completed LC research and development in 2016, realizing the configuration of 3*1,4*1 and 7*1, and the minimum 100/360DCF as output at coupling efficiency >98%. The 3*1, 20/400 to 100/360 LC is used for 5KW cutting and prove to be very effective. With the increasing difficulty of application, customers need to realize 3*1,20um input and 50um output to achieve higher efficiency on production.

Although it is only the output core diameter getting smaller, it is big challenge from the technical perspective. After numerous trying, Lasfiberio Co.Ltd has successfully achieved 20um input, 50 um output target with the input power > 1 kw, output M2 ~ 7, efficiency > 95%. It is a good balance among the high power, spot size and beam quality.

Below is the picture of live product. 

It is possible to achieve the maximum of 19*1 LC configuration for speical request on input.For more info. please contact:, +8629-8928 8990, +86-186 8212 0413, +86-136 8160 2600.