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Winner Winner ~ Chicken Dinner~

update time£º2018-07-24 16:02:59

There are 2 types of HP laser source very popular on the industrial app. Which can go up to 5kw or higher, they are Laser Diode(LD) and Fiber Laser (FL). It could be either Bar type or Direct Diode Laser on the LD section, here we mainly discuss DDL.

Due to its own structure reason, the DDL is more competitive on the cost, wall plug efficiency and robust aspect, while FL is known for its excellent beam quality, easier heat dissipation and better flexibility. Those 2 types of laser source are used for different applications and both are heading for high power direction. In the past, inherited for its beam quality the DDL usually won¡¯t be able to do the laser cutting on metal material, however, as time goes by there are remarkable progress on the coupling efficiency and beam combining tech. The DDL of KW level with optical fiber output can also meet the request on the beam quality. Plus, there are multiple choices on the wavlength, DDL becomes hotter on the laser welding of the al. Mainframe in the automobile market. In short, it is a trend that both DDL and FL hitting the 10KW level app.

Lasfiberio Co. Ltd. Sees and understands this request and we developed combo in combiner+QBH of 10KW level for our customers in south China and South Korea, and the feedback is great. Following is a typical DDL structure.

It is in 19 of 200/220 NA0.22 as input and 1000/1100 NA0.22 as output, 600w/leg for the input and the output connector is in QBH.

The optical fiber entitled the DDL same flexibility of FL, it is true if there is strict parameter on the beam quality, the DDL can hardly meet, while for the app. Like  thin metal sheet welding, laser cladding etc. The beam quality request is so-so and the DDL standing out for its economical, robust character. If high brightness laser diodes are deployed, the input leg can be less and the output fiber can be smaller on the core, and reach higher brightness beam spot.

BTW, Lasfiberio is awarded for its 10KW combo as the 2018 Innovation of Laser Accessories, as the link shows: