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EFC8 - ¶Ķ8 Endcaped Fiber Cable

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1.Product description

The specification is specially for EFC8-Q product, it's a water-direct(WD) cooling structurer, Lasfiberio has another water-indirect(WID) cooling structurer as optional, the WD structurer has a better cooling effect but has requirement for water quality compare to WID one.
At the input and output fiber end face in high power (hundreds, thousands even dozens of thousand watts) laser, the energy density can be very high . So if the laser radiation transmits to the fiber end face, there is high risk of fiber burning or degradation.
A endcap at the end face of fiber is a good solution for above issue - an 8mm diameter endcap spliced to the fiber can greatly increase the diameter of the beam spot, which is a very effective method to lower the power density.
On the surface of the endcap, a high damage threshold AR coating is coated, while on the other side of the fiber, a high efficient cladding power stripper (CPS) is added, most important it's epoxy-free.

2. Features

°— Fiber spliced to 8mm end cap, passed proof test & vibration test.

°— A cladding power stripper (CPS) is made near the end cap, featured in high stripping efficiency, low loss in fiber core, epoxy free.

°— Safety interlock.

°— High damage threshold AR coating on the surface of end cap can decrease transmission loss.

°— Compatible interface: QBH,  LLK-Q,  HLC-8/LC-8


°— Output of fiber Laser

°— Solid state Laser and fiber coupled diode Laser

°— Accessories of Laser machine


Optical parameters Specifications
Operating wavelength range 900-1100nm
Transmit efficiency >98% (typical >99%)
Cladding power stripper Stripping efficiency>20dB, Epoxy-free.
AR coating Reflection rate at all wavelength range<0.2%
Fiber type LMA DC fiber x/125DCF, x/200DCF, x/250DCF, x/400DCF etc, cladding dia. up to 600u max
BD fiber 50/360, 100/360, 200/360, 300/500, 400/440, 600/660, 800/880 0.22NA etc.
The fiber core dia. up to 1.5mm, cladding dia. up to 2mm
Mean handling power Upto 5kW
For higher power, not verified so far
Back reflection °‹ 150W (CW)
Due to the limitation of water cooling cavity structure, CPS can handle >500W cladding power.
Fiber concentricity °‹ 50um
Mechanical parameters Specifications
Single/Double connectors Single (can be used for input or output) or double connectors
Cooling water volumn °›1.7L/min
Water quality Distilled water, Deionized water or Drinkable water
Cooling water tube connector MS-5H-6, tube spec(OD6mm, ID4mm)
Cable configuration OD. 13mm (with yellow PVC)£¨
with inner Teflon tube(OD6mm,ID4mm)
Cable length Armored calbe lengths 5m£¨10m£¨15m£¨20m etc. (can be customized)
Accessories for single connector version only
A01 bare fiber length: 1.0-1.5m
A02 500mm Interlock wires outside of the armored cable
A03 With M20 gland to mount on laser box (Panel wall size<¶Ķ20x6mm)

5.CPS performance

°— Input 150 watts of pump power, through CPS, get <1W output power, the EFC8-Q temperature is 36 °ś

°— Higher stripping power can be customized according to customer requirements

Fig 1: optical path

6.AR Coating

Fig 2: Coating curve


Fig 3: Scheme of EFC8-Q before assembly Fig 4: EFC8-Q

Fig5: Drawing of EFC8-Q head

Fig 6: Difination of single head cable length

Fig 7: Safety interlock circuit diagram for double head EFC8-Q

8. Order information

EFC8 - - - -

Type Configuration
Fiber Code Fiber length
Q=Water cooling SI=Single input Find details in Fiber code list 05=5m
SO=Single output 10=10m
DB=Double heads 15=15m
Fiber code list XX=customized

9. Fiber code list

Fiber type Code
Double Cladding Fiber 20/400 DCF LD420
25/400 DCF LD425
30/400 DCF LD430
30/600 DCF LD630
Beam Delivery Fiber 200/240 0.22NA B220
50/120/360 0.22NA B305
50/70/360 0.22NA B306
100/360 0.22NA B310
200/360 0.22NA B320
300/360 0.22NA B330
200/500 0.22NA B520

For the fiber not listed above, please ask sales.

PN example:EFC8-Q-DB-B310-10


We reserve the right to amend the specification without any prior notification. If there is any change, please refer to the real document then.